The Past Is Not Past: The Crucial History of Russian Intervention in the US.

Faulkner said, “The past is never past.”

It’s true.

When I’d first started researching and writing IN THE ENEMY’S HOUSE, I was intent on telling a true and previously unknown Cold War spy story.

It was a suspenseful tale about a playboy FBI agent and a nerdy code breaker who, working in a former girls’ finishing school turned into a top secret government facility, teamed up to break the KGB codes and then hunted down the Russian spies who had stolen America’s atomic secrets.

But as I continued writing, I began to realize that this was not simply a real-life thriller about the past.

Rather, as my recent piece in Vanity Fair on the Christopher Steele dossier made clear, the past is not past. To understand the full intent of Russia’s intervention in the last election, one needs to go back to the beginning of their covert attack on America – the spy story I tell in IN THE ENEMY’S HOUSE.

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