How Far Did Mueller Go to Get Flynn’s Guilty Plea?


As my new Vanity Fair report shows, Mueller understands the art of the deal – and Flynn is only the latest to switch sides as the special counsel hunts bigger game.

The investigation into Russia’s intervention in the last election is gathering steam.
It’s helpful to look back at the John Gotti trial and what Mueller was willing to offer Sammy “the Bull,” in order to gather the evidence he needed…

And to understand what Russia is really up to in the United States, it’s necessary to go back to the beginnings of their covert war against America – the spy story I tell in IN THE ENEMY’S HOUSE.


An excerpt from the Vanity Fair piece on the distance Mueller is willing to go:

“It is not difficult to imagine the tortured debate within Mueller’s mind as he weighed the decision to let Sammy “the Bull” switch sides in the John Gotti investigation. He could allow Sammy, a man who had admittedly killed 19 men, to play for Uncle Sam’s team. Or he could go into the Gotti trial knowing that Teflon Don—the swaggering crime boss who had walked away from three prior trials—could once again get away with murder. Pulling him in one direction was a lifetime of rectitude: a lofty moral code passed on by his education at St. Paul’s School, Princeton University, and the Marine Corps. And doubtlessly pulling him in another direction was a fair share of ambition. He’d be the man who brought down John Gotti, and the world would unquestionably be a better place for it.”

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