A Cover Reveal—and a Sneak Peek of The Night of the Assassins

The mission: to kill the three most heavily guarded men in the world.

The assassins: a specially trained team headed by the killer known as The Most Dangerous Man in Europe.

The adversary: A lone Secret Service agent, Mike Reilly.

The location: a top secret six day summit conference.

The stakes: nothing less than the future of the world.

This is the true story told in my forthcoming (to be published a year from now, June 2020, by HarperCollins) non-fiction book, THE NIGHT OF THE ASSASSINS.

In 1943, as World War II was coming to an end, the three Allied leaders – Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin – decide to meet in-person for the first time at a top-secret conference in Tehran. They will meet for six days to discuss rebuilding the world after so much of Europe was reduced to rubble, and so many American and Allied lives lost.

The Nazis learn about the meeting and decide this is Germany’s last chance: although the war is undoubtedly lost, if they can assassinate the Big Three, a peace can be negotiated that will allow the Reich to survive.  

We know that these assassins did not succeed, but the story of how very close they came is a shocking must-read story that is often swept under the rug of history.

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